Would you like to be a part of the Three Rivers Art Festival?

We’re always looking for friendly faces to lend a hand during the festival. Contact Sarada Bonnett at (985) 789-7183 or email info@threeriversartfestival.com. You may also call the festival telephone at (985) 327-9797.


Festival Committees

Arts Alive
Volunteers will monitor the Arts Alive! Demonstration Tent, walk artists to the stage, and staff an artist’s booth for about an hour while the artist performs their demonstrations, if needed.

Barricade Set-up
These volunteers, needed late Friday afternoon, will help set up street barricades.

Block Captains 
One or two  block captains are assigned per block, and each has the responsibility of assisting artists with any special needs, including booth sitting for artists who are alone in their booths and need a short break. Block captains are needed on Saturday and Sunday, and shifts are 3-4 hours.

Children’s Area Hands-On Activities:
These volunteers are responsible for coordinating, setting-up, and monitoring the Children’s Area. Other responsibilities include assisting partner organizations that provide activities. These volunteers are needed Saturday and Sunday during the day.

Children’s Area Performing Stage
Volunteers in the area are responsible for coordinating, setting-up, and monitoring the stage area. They also assist performers and act as emcees, and are needed Saturday and Sunday during the day.

Music Tent
Music Tent committee volunteers book musical acts as well as plan and monitor musical acts at the Music Tent and along the festival route.

First Aid/Security
Volunteers on this committee provide basic first aid to festival participants and coordinate security.

Food Court  
Food Court volunteers are responsible for coordinating, setting-up, and directing break-down of the food court area. They will also handle all vendor paperwork.

Friday Night Artists Welcome Reception
These volunteers coordinate, set up, clean up, and monitor the outdoor reception area. They are also responsible for manning the drinks area. They are needed in the early evening on Friday.

Volunteering in this area is ongoing, and the responsibilities include researching and applying for grants for the festival. These grants also include music grants.

These volunteers, needed all day Saturday and Sunday in 3 to 4 hour shifts, man the festival headquarters and handle any special needs as they arise. This includes volunteers who will handle miscellaneous festival requests.

Artists Hospitality
Hospitality volunteers provide refreshments to artists, as well as stock and staff Hospitality carts throughout the festival site. They also man the hospitality suites at locations along the festival route.  Hospitality volunteers work 3 to 4 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday.

Information Booths I or II
Volunteers at these two booths provide information to festival visitors as well as sell festival merchandise, and need to be available for 3 to 4 hour shifts all day Saturday and Sunday.

These volunteers coordinate the jurying process for artist applicants and assist the judges during the judging of artists during the festival.

These volunteers responsible for managing the festival logistics, especially coordination with City of Covington.

Merchandise Committee
Volunteers on this committee manage festival merchandise, inventory, order and sell products.

On-site Set-up and Dismantling
These volunteers set up and break down stages, tents, and other areas before and after the festival. Some volunteers also need to be available during the festival for special needs.

These volunteers take photographs of specified events and also random photos during festival events.

Publicity volunteers write press releases, arrange interviews and appearances with media, and research media nationwide magazines and newspapers in which to seek coverage for our event. They are also in charge of the festival’s social media activities.

Purchase Awards
These volunteers manage the purchase awards process as well as soliciting commitments from the community to purchase art during the festival.

First impressions are important, and these volunteers set the tone for our artist experience. Volunteers are responsible for staffing artist registration tables at headquarters and organizing the returned materials at the end of the festival. They are needed on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Volunteers may also assist with putting together artist registration packets at a designated date before the festival setup.

Artists Awards Ceremony
Volunteers at the awards ceremony coordinate, set up, clean up, and monitor the presentation area on Sunday morning before the festival opens. They are also responsible for serving refreshments.

Sponsorship volunteers help solicit sponsorships for the festival, assist in writing letters to prospective and repeat sponsors, and make up sponsor packets containing festival poster, T-shirts and any other items designated for festival sponsors.

Student Art Exhibit
This committee is responsible for recruiting artwork from St. Tammany Parish Schools, collecting the submissions, hanging the exhibit and recruiting qualified judges. Volunteers staff an area for art drop-off (usually held the week prior to festival week).  Volunteers also staff the exhibit area during the festival and the art pick-up on Sunday afternoon between 3-5pm. They are responsible for sorting, setting-up and hanging artwork, as well as recruiting qualified art competition judges.

These volunteers manage the volunteer database, assign volunteers to committees, and schedule volunteers for Block Captains, Information Booths, Headquarters, Barricades, etc. They plan for volunteer recruitment, assist in planning and carrying out the Volunteers Appreciation and Recruitment Party. Committee members should be available during the festival to handle all volunteer scheduling needs.