Since 1997, the Three Rivers Art Festival has bombarded the streets of downtown Covington, Louisiana, with fun, music, color and, most importantly, art. It has grown from 49 to 200 exhibiting artists. The festival attracts a sophisticated buying public and a talented group of artists and fine craftsmen, with upwards of 60,000 visitors attending each year.

This event has three purposes, all of which are connected to the festival’s home parish, St. Tammany, and all that this community has to offer. First, the festival serves to expand and enhance St. Tammany’s reputation as an arts-oriented community and mecca for artists and art lovers. Columbia Street, along which the artists’ booths run and the music plays, is filled with art throughout the year from multiple galleries to art supplies. Essentially, this one street is any art enthusiast’s heaven. The festival also adds to the many other attractions and events that make St. Tammany a wonderful tourist destination.

Lastly, the festival supports art education for St. Tammany Parish school students. By hosting a student art competition that is displayed during the festival, the event inspires and encourages children of all ages to experiment with and create art.

At the festival itself, the Children’s Area offers hands-on activities, and the Arts Alive! program provides live demonstrations by exhibiting artists during the day so kids can either watch or participate in artistic creation.

The Covington Three Rivers Art Festival is promoted through an extensive media campaign that targets sophisticated, knowledgeable buyers in the Greater New Orleans area, South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

This festival is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is run by a volunteer board and part-time coordinator, supplemented by more than 150 additional volunteers committee members and workers. Funding is generated by event sponsorships, donations, grants and exhibited booth fees.

Mission Statement:

"The purpose of the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival is to expand and enhance the reputation of St. Tammany Parish as an arts oriented community and mecca for artists and art lovers to serve as an attraction for cultural tourists to St. Tammany Parish; to support artists in St. Tammany Parish and outside of St. Tammany Parish; and to support art education for students living in St. Tammany Parish or attending a St. Tammany Parish school."