Display Rules

  • Only Artists accompanying their original, handcrafted work may participate in the Festival.
  • Artists may only display work in the categories in which they are accepted.
  • Artists must display a body of work sufficient to fill a 10 x 10 booth. 75% of work displayed must be for sale at the Festival.
  • All work exhibited must be of the quality and type of work originally accepted by the jury and must be displayed in the booth space with at least the same level of quality as represented in the image accompanying the Artist’s application.The Festival reserves the right to prevent an Artist from displaying work that is not representative of the quality and/or type of work originally accepted and reserves the right to require an Artist to display his/her work with at least the same level of quality as represented in the application. The Festival also reserves the right to remove from the Festival any Artist who is not in compliance with the Rules.
  • Images of artwork and booth image submitted with the application cannot contain name, business name, or likeness of the Artist or Collaborating Artist in the image or in the title of the image.
  • Any commercially produced element of an Artist’s work must play a subordinate role.
  • Work done by a production studio, apprentices or employees is not acceptable. Commercial agents, dealers or manufacturers are not eligible to enter and they are NOT allowed to attend in place of Artists/Collaborating Artists.
  • Artists must prominently display an Artist Statement in their festival booth describing their process.  If there is a Collaborating Artist, the statement must describe the collaboration.
  • Art created using commercial molds, patterns or kits is not acceptable.
  • No display of previous awards will be allowed.

Reproduction Policy

  • At least 50% of work displayed in the booth must be original artwork. Reproductions, if any, including limited editions, must be limited to less than 50% of the work displayed in the booth.
  • Any artwork that is produced by any mechanical means, i.e., giclees, photo-offset, or any other reproduction technique must be labeled a “reproduction” and placed in no more than two browse bins. Framed reproductions may be hung on only one wall of the booth and they must be labeled as reproductions.
  • Signed limited editions of 750 or less are allowed for sale. Artists must define “limited edition” in their Artist Statement, and must disclose their process to the buyer.
  • Violators of the spirit, as well as the letter, of the policy will be required to remove reproductions.