All applications must be submitted and processed online through the ZAPPlicationTM website ( during the open application period.  For the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, the application period will open on February 8  and the deadline for receipt of applications is June 4.

If you do not already have an account with ZAPP, visit their website ( to set up one before applying to the festival. Accounts are free for the artist, and allow an easy application process for multiple juried shows and festivals.

During the open application period, visit Click on Covington Three Rivers Art Festival to apply.

As part of your application, you will be required to submit four color images of your current work and one image representative of your booth. Images of artwork and booth image submitted with application cannot contain the name, business name, or likeness of the Artist or Collaborating Artist in the image or title of the image.   You will also be asked to complete an Artist Statement (see below).


Artist Statement

A very brief Artist Statement is required on your application on the ZAPPlication website. This statement should describe the materials, techniques and processes you use, as well as explain the mission, motivation or philosophy inherent in your work. If you are co-artists, you must describe the collaboration.  Your comments on the application will be available to the jury and should include any special details, materials and processes that are unusual or not easily determined by viewing your submissions. This information may be used for promotional purposes. Additionally, an Artist Statement must be displayed in a prominent place in your festival booth. The Artist Statement for display in your booth should include the information provided on your application and it can also be expanded to more fully describe your work since this statement is not limited in size.  A one-page letter or legal size is typical and it is recommended that a photo of the artist (and co-artist), preferably at work, be included on the Artist Statement that is displayed in your booth during the festival.


Contact the Event Coordinator

Contact the Event Coordinator via email or by telephone (985) 327-9797 if you need additional information or assistance.